24 September, 2008

2006 Seghesio Sonoma Coast Arneis

Arneis. Yes, Arneis. I know what you're thinkin'..."WTF is Arneis?" Well, it's a white Italian, specifically, Piedmontese, varietal that's more challenging to grow than Pinot Noir.

Again, I know what you're thinkin' "WTF could be more difficult to grow than Pinot?"

Arneis. Translates to "Little Rascal." One more time, I know what you're thinkin" " WTF...isn't that a TV show from the 30's?". Well, yes, but that's a whole different thing.

THIS Arneis is a really great find in our challenge. It's very Italian in style. Not as restrained as a white Cote d'Or, and not nearly laid back as Bordeaux's Sauv Blanc or Semillon, this Sonoma Coast grown wine is far more exciting, challenging, fiery and fun than its frog cousins. It appeals to your visual senses with a deep straw hue and to your nasal senses with it's stealthy anise aroma, taunting you to just taste a bit.

OK. So I did. ....and now I'm hooked!

Friends came over for dinner on Sunday and we had this with our melon and jamon salad. It proved to be a great complement, providing further sweetness to play off the saltiness of the lovely Spanish cure as well as bright citrus notes and a very subtle anise tone to sharpen the effect of the sweet Galia melon.

....So before Summer turned to Spring, I turned to Arneis for one last summer fling. We'll have to do this again...and soon.

Retail: $18
Grade: B+