24 July, 2009

Ok...REALLY going to start live tasting/bloggin now. ...

22 Wineries ...they are each going to one table, and then moving on...kinda like speed dating!

We're at table 14..I'll post an entry after each winery comes by...this should be cool...very quick, so it's very tough and interesting.

We get Concannon first and it looks like I'm last in the round

Concannon 2006 Petit Sirah
Concannon - winery is in Livermore, CA - grapes are Central Coast
Very balanced..first impression is jammy berry front end. A bit of tannin in the back end. Pretty decent bottle. Very drinkable

Retail: $15
Grade: B+

Fisheye 2005 Pinot Grigio
Fisheye very fun brand aimed at newer wine drinkers, wine geeks, not so much. Avail in box. Sweet, immature, but great "lawnmower" wine.

750Ml Retail: $7
Grade: C

Pinot Evil - Underdog Wine NV Pinot Evil
Simple young pinot..ok for a party with lots of folks, not something special or unique.
3L Retail: $7
Grade: C-

Cupcake Vineyards - Cabernet 2007 Sauvignon
Another simple but decent wine, nice for a party. Low tannins. Good buy

Retail: $14
Grade: C+

Snow's Lake Vineyard - 2005 Snow's Lake II Meritage
72% Cab Sauv, 28% Cab Franc
250 cases of this wine. A well structured and maturely made meritage. Tobacco and soil on the hit. REALLY craving a steak now :-)

Retail: $45
Grade: C-

Line39 2006 Petit Sirah - Lake County --
Very nice spicy tannic PS, with very nice structure
Excellent value

Retail $10
Grade: A

Cline 2006 Mouvedre - Contra Coast County
Super deal here folks. Nice Rhone style, but very simple. Needs some time in the bottle. Great berry on the nose with decent balance on the tail.
Good value

Retail: $16
Grade: B+

Tandem Chardonay 2007 Mendocino Ridge

New clone from Greg LaFolette here. Great stuff. Super balance with melon on the front.
A really beautiful wine from Greg. Super balance. Delicious. Wow..not much time here. I could go on.

Retail: $54
Grade: B+

Foggy Bridge 2007 Chardonay - Estate >ORGANIC GRAPES<

50% Stainless, 50% Malo in Oak
A bit tight in the front, but very drinkable. Much less Calif in style. Slight touches of butter, light yeast, but nice bready taste.

Retail: $18 (only on their website)
Grade: B

Clif Vineyards 2006 Syrah
Very nice nose of PRESERVED berries. Super sweet nose and lovely on the front. Very hot..15.4% Alcohol..needs a bit more tannin for the back end

Retail: $35
Grade: C+ (but if you care to hold this, it would do nicely in 3-4 years I suspect)

Benovia 2007 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

Super clean Pinot great for food with pine on the front and nice raspberry, and raisin on the tail. A nice wine, but a tough price

Retail: $55
Grade: B-

El Molino HIgh School 2007 Pinot Noir
A HS AG program that grows some pretty nice Pinot. Russian River AVA (in Forestville, CA)
Really jammy Pinot with decent berries and a nice structure that reminds me of a Fort Ross Pinot. Available on the website rrvwfoundation.org

Retail: $35
Grade: B-

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