24 September, 2009

2007 Line 39 Lake County Petit Sirah

Here at the 20dollarwineblog.com, one of the main goals of this blog is to help our readers improve their wine experience and every once and a while we run across something that makes it easy to do just that....and we say WOW!

Recently, at this year's wine blogger's conference in Sonoma County we had the opportunity to participate in what many of us termed "speed dating", that is, several wineries presented to apporximately 10 bloggers at a table. Each winery had 5-6 minutes to present their wine and then some, but not all of the audience actually "live blogged" about the wine. At the 6 minute mark, each winery moved to the next table. One of the best times I've ever had with wine.

..and along the way, in one of those speed dates, I met Roy Cecchetti and Kathy Whaley, and they presented his Line 39 2007 Lake County Petit Sirah. Here (the original post) was what I originally blogged LIVE at the event:

"Line39 2007 Petit Sirah - Lake County --
Very nice spicy tannic PS, with very nice structure
Excellent value"

It was quick and to the point, but I knew off the bat that this was not a typical bottle of P. Sirah let alone from Lake County, an appellation that contains 5 AVAs. This appellation's got great, clear air, super volcanic and loamy soils with valleys that contain alluvial flows and benches to create varied and well drained soils for vine , but in the past has been known more for bulk and 2nd label wines for larger wineries. I don't know if that will continue, but I suspect that this wine is an example of quality wine standing proud of it's heritage in a lesser-known appellation.

Now, it should be said that Line 39 is produced by Cecchetti-Racke, a large producer and importer that will sell more than 100K cases of wine this year....and that they've created a brand focused on the appellation that is Lake County. Very cool!

Now, about that WOW...yeah. Well, I have to say, it's the stuff that makes changes the minds of non-believers...no, not the Atheist kind, the "If I don't spend at least 30 bucks, it's can't be GREAT" kind of naysayer.

Roy's made a Petit Sirah that is wide and soft with a lively mouthfeel that's gentle and robust at the same time. It's balanced, fruitful, acidic with moderated tannin. A very pleasant nose of raisins, black cherries and dried plums (when I was a kid, they called these prunes) and the front continues with the black fruit notes. It finishes wide and smooth with no discernible bite.

So, yes. WOW! Believe it or not, Roy Cecchetti has figured out a way to retail this quality bottle of wine for around $15. And at that price, I suggest you buy several bottles and try Petite Sirah with several different meals. Pizza, burgers, chicken, pork... all would be complemented, and nicely. Excellent value, as stated before.

2007 Line 39 Lake County Petite Sirah
Retail: $15
Grade: A+


  1. Thanks for the great lead on a delicious PS. It's one of my favorite varietals, not only for the taste but because my daughter is a petite Sarah. I always think of her when I drink PS. Yep, pretty random and not very wine wise but probably typical of most consumers. - ann miller www.dot-wine.com

  2. Ann, you're quite welcome. Glad to see another P. Sirah fan. This was an unusual find. It's pretty amazing for the price point. Not sure how they do it, but certainly worth a few bottles to try. It's widely available at BevMo according to the producer.

    Hope you are well.



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