27 October, 2009

EWBC - Spain & Portugal : Day 1

Had a decent flight from SFO to JFK and then from JFK to Madrid. We actually had a relatively decent dinner on the JFK to Madrid flight.

I picked three wines for dinner/dessert. I'm not seeing a need to formally review these as I'm unclear of the distributors/availability. If I can confirm that, I'll put up formal grades and links.

First, the 2007 Occhio al Vento (Eye of the Wind). Made from 100% Vermentino, it's a light, crisp varietal lending it's melon, caramel and red delicious apples to the mix, it was nice with a starter of hummus with caramelized onions & spinach salad with goat cheese.

Next was the 2005 Belguardo Serrata. This Tuscan bottle is comprised of a

unique blend of 80% Sangiovese and 20% Alicante, a fairly uncommon grape to the US market that's a genetic mutation of Grenache. This bottle brings a very mineraly, tobacco laced nose and black cherry and plum to the front end and paired nicely with beef tenderloin.

Finally, dessert was the best of the flight, a sweet white from Juracon near the Pyranees,  that brings a great deal of caramel, green apple and straw, which  works super with cheese like cabrales, manchego and aged gouda. This is a super bottle. Try and see it out at your LWS!

We landed in Madrid and headed to the hotel. More to come shortly.

See you soon,

J. Mancebo

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  1. By now, Jason you should be in your rental car and well on your way to Alentejo for our pre #EWBC Live Wine Blogging Event! Bom Viagem! See you soon! Carrie


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