29 October, 2009

Live Wine Blogging @ Cortes de Cima European Wine Bloggers Conf.

OK...we're off to the races. It's Thursday around 2:00 local Portuguese time and we're starting the pre EWBC tasting event at Cortes de Cima in Alentejo, near Vidigueira.

First up the the 2008 Charmine' White Blend.

It's a medium bodied blend of Antao Vaz, Verdehlo and Viognier.  Nice to see the Viognier blended with Verdehlo. Usually, Verdehlo brings a very crisp, green apple note to the nose and I like the moderation the Viognier brings with the addition of apricots, . The minerality is not normal for this region, so the Viognier helps there, too.
Very nice change for fall.

12.5% Alcohol
3.3 Ph
Picked earlier in the season.

Next, the Courela. It's their entry level red wine. Budget conscious. Retails for around $5 (3Euros in Lisbon)

Essentially, a MustGo blend; that is, everything in the cellar must go. It's not made every vintage and is NV. Super fruity and drinkable.

Third, the 2008 Charmine' red.

A bit up from the Courela, also a blend and is also young. Enjoyable. Decent quality and is well balanced and structured. Blackberry nose,  tighter on the nose, more acidic. This could use a bit of time in the bottle. A bit of stem on the nose. Worked better with food than in a vaccum tasting.

Fourth, the 2007 Cortes de Cima Vino Tino

Big time acid up front and really nice fruit. Certainly a less subtle wine with more structure and complexity. Blend of Syrah, Aragones (tempranillo) Cab Sauv, Petit Verdot and Touriga National.
Sharp front and a bit loose on the mid palate to the back end. Could use a bit more time.

Retail is $18 (10 Euro)

Fifth is the 2005 Aragones (Tempranillo)

100% Aragones. Nice. Well balanced, but aggressive. Likely higher in alcohol. Rich berry nose with the signature Tempranillo front and mid palate. I like this quite a bit. Very drinkable now. Would be super with salted meat dishes

Sixth is the 2005 Syrah.

Not simple, but not complex. Very even flow. Floral, easy, lot's of Syrah but without much spice and no smoke at all..

Next, the 2007 Hans Christian Anderson Syrah. More structure, good stuff. Plenty of spice but small bit of tightness in the front. Going to let it hang out for a few mins.  ..tic tock, tic, tock.

Next, the 2005 Incognito blend. Was produced illegally for two years. They planted it ahead of local approval. 100% Syrah. Not made every year and only when they have grapes of superior quality.  SMOOTH. Super great typical Syrah nose with pepper and spice. Would love to have this with lamb. Super quality. Even, moderated and superior.

Next, the 2005 Touriga Nacional - 100% TN. Tannin, Tannin!
New variety to Alentejo. Originally from Douro and Dow. Big structure. Evokes Earl Grey with Bergemot on the nose. Tight front, but opens up after 15 mins in the glass nicely. Give it some time and it's nice and sophisticated.

Finally, the 2004 CdC Reserva. Made only in a handful of vintages. BIG wine, but lots and LOTS of complexity. Calcium Oxide (lime) nose. Really interesting. Needs age, and to be treated well. Very Bordeaux in structure.

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  1. Jason! Thanks for making our Live Wine Blogging event an even 'Livelier' Wine Blogging Event by your presence and by posting your own Live Wine Blog Post here! Enjoyed very much hanging out with you during the EWBC, and hope to meet up again soon either in Europe or California!
    ps - both the Aragonez and Touriga above were 2005 vintages!


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