30 October, 2009

Live Wine Blogging in Lisbon: Vin Noble Sherry, Fortified and Sweet Wine Tasting - European Wine Bloggers Conf.

Cool...listening to VinNoble speak in Spanish and I'm actually understanding it. Good....rust starting to go away.

VinNoble is a great conference in Jerez around sweet, fortified and sherries.

We've got 9 wines to taste...so here we go...

1st Perez Barquero Amontillado

Not a fortified wine...aged and oxidative again to deliver powerful, concentrated flavors. P. Barquero is one of the oldest producers in Montilla. Sweet nose with caramel and almonds and reminiscent of a brandy, but the taste is bone dry and finish is light and long and extremely nible for 19% alcohol

2nd - Lustau Reserva Amontillado

Also not fortified, caramel sweet nose similar, but not quite as sweet as the first. From Jerez with 100% Palomino Fino. Interesting: Aged in American Oak according to the Solera system. Longer and more acidic than the first.

3rd - VORS
Sherry. More s

4th - Quevedo Port Colheita - 1994 Vintage (bottled 2009)

Tawny style ...aged in oak. Single vintage. 1400L barrel aged. Colheita must be aged in barrel for 7 years in oak before bottling. Has more room for aging, too. Nice to hear from the produced @quevedo speaking on his wine. Absolutely delicious with very light nose, touch of sweet, cotton candy, but lovely front of cigar tobacco with delicate red berries, jellies (under 2% of total production in the Douro). Wow! This is stunning.

5th - Bacalh'o' Moscatel Roxo DOC Setu'bal (100% Moscatel Roxo)

A bit of orange, but less than a Muscato. Nice candied lemon on front. 9 Years in oak, bottled this year. Setubal is making some of the nicest Moscatels here.

6th - Justino's Colheita 1995 DOC Madeira

Tinta Negra with 5% Complexa. Beautiful, rich amber color. Minerals on the front, but I don't catch the spice that others are saying.

7th - Sandeman Vintage Porto 2007 DOC Douro

Aged 2 years in large barrels. Deep rich ruby color. A bit heavy nose ..alcohol with dirty bearries.

Only 1% of harvest goes to vintage and must be approved by port institute.

8TH and fnal - Garvey Gran Orden PX (Jerez) - 30 Years (minimum)

HUGE, long wine with SUPER big fig and honey taste. Wide, round, beautiful and powerful at the same time. This is stunning.

That's it. Next up...Douro Boys tasting in 60 mins.


Ciao from Lisbon!

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  1. This is great to have the live post! here is mine... what I remember the week after! http://missvickywine.blogspot.com/2009/11/vicky-sherry-other-sweeties-1st-ewbc.html


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