08 November, 2009

Primal Napa !!

On Nov. 7th in St. Helena, CA, Taste Network presented “PRIMAL” an outdoor gathering of local butchers and chefs whom prepared a bounty of heritage meats from Hudson Ranch and Wooly Pigs over hardwood fires. Marko Karakasevic from Charbay Distillery was mixing cocktails and several wineries, including Murphy-Goode (hosted by our pal Hardy Wallace) & Frias Family poured their finest while some of the swankiest artisans like Chris Cosentino of Boccalone and Incanto, Taylor Boetticher of Fatted Calf, Ryan Farr of 4505  Meats, and Staffan Terje of Perbacco converged and kicked out some outstanding badassery!! 

PRIMAL Napa - November, 2009 from C. Jason Mancebo on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for posting this video. Primal Napa! was a cool event and you did a great job of capturing it. Hudson Ranch did supply much of the fantastic heritage meats that were served that day, but the Mangalitsa being prepared by Taylor Boetticher (0:20) and Chris Cosentino (2:37) was supplied by Wooly Pigs, America's sole breeder of the supremely succulent Mangalitsa.


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