31 January, 2010

A Few Minutes at: Pizza Antica, Mill Valley, CA

In the process of exploring the world for great wines for about $20 bucks, it's sometimes necessary to realize that sometimes, there are some great ideas right in your face.

I stopped by Pizza Antica, Gordon Drysdale's (and others') pizza joint in Mill Valley, CA. There are three other locations (San Jose, Lafayette and Granite Bay/Sacramento) if you're close -- or not and are looking for some pretty reasonable fare prepared with care and craft. They've got a delicious menu, super pies if you like the cracker/thin crust as I do, and a reasonably sized wine list. It's not uber extensive, but I found the Dashe 2007 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel there as you'll see in the piece below (More on the Dashe in an upcoming post.)

Here's what you've been missin' if you've not been to Pizza Antica. Git yerselves theere!


A Few Minutes at: Pizza Antica, Mill Valley, CA from C. Jason Mancebo on Vimeo.

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  1. Jason, thanks for sharing these scenes from Mill Valley with us! To me, it's not just any place, I was raised there! ;-)


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