03 February, 2010

TasteLive: Ridge Lytton Springs - Jan 9, 2010

TasteLive (#TTL) is an ongoing event that pairs wineries and their selections with wine bloggers on a semi-regular basis. Right now, there seem to be about 4-6 events per month with several wineries and coordinated with different locales (East Coast/West Coast) for logistics purposes.  

I was invited to participate in the recent #TTL event for Ridge Wines where nearly 40 folks participated at several locations including their SouthBay tasting room, their Lytton Springs tasting room, and many online. I joined friends Jack, Pedro and Marcy to taste thru the 4 wines that Ridge sent to me to participate. Following the description of each of the 4 wines are my tweets that were live from the event.  

First was the 2007 Santa Cruz Mountains Estate Chardonnay.  

music goin' - wines open - all good here in H'Burg.#ridgewines 
5:00 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live

Chard is interesting. Have it cool in a bucket and enjoy the subtle notes. Not so much when it warmed up for 15 mins. #ridgewines
5:04 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live  

Lots of french oak lending honeydew...also baby asprin and green fruit #ridgewines 5:06 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live

I really liked the baby asprin and green fruit notes: green apples, pears, green table grapes. RJ, what did you think of the nose when it was cool. #ridgewines 5:07 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live  

(here referring to RJ Hilgers of rjswineblog.com, also tasting online at the time)

Anyone getting the chinese bitter melon once it's warmed up for 10 mins or so? #ridgewines
5:09 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live

This was quite interesting...we started with it chilled in a bucket as it and interetingly, I preferred both the balance and aromas when it was cooler. I usually find most chilled wines too cold for their own good...this one seems to work better on the cooler side. First time for everything and great example of listening to your palate and the wine, not what's the norm.

Next was the 2007 Buchigni Ranch Carignane.
Carignane has lovely nose...bright red fruit, good acids #ridgewines
5:14 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live

Carignane - great boysenberry front....clean, not sloppy...structure's nice. #ridgewines
5:14 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live

The Carignane was a pleasant bottle. Really needs some rustic food to show itself off well. It's available on the Ridge website to their ATP members and is a decent value if you plan to have it with a meal. I'd not drink this alone. Retail: $28 Grade: B-  

Next was the 2006 California Zinfandel - Caboose

OK..caboose ready to go...let's see w'happens. #ridgewines
5:25 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live  

Yep...with 14.9%, we're gettin' candy...gummy bear in the nose. #ridgewines
5:26 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live

WOndering if any of this is not done in oak. #ridgewines 
5:30 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live

So, let's warm this up with hands and see if we can change things up a bit? #ridgewines
5:31 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live  

@enobytes Yep...I'm thinking we need to decant. Not sure if I'd do this with food.....what's the retail of the #caboose #ttl#ridgewines
5:37 PM Jan 10th from TweetDeck in reply to enobytes

Our final wine for the event was the 2007 Ridge 
Lytton Springs, a blend of Zin, Petit Sirah and Carignane. I really enjoy a rich blend like this. It's a bit more than a Rhone blend with the high percentage of Zin, but if you do enjoy Rhone blends, perhaps give this a whirl.  

The #cougar cheddar is also running great with the LS. Love it! #ridgewines 5:46 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live  

Thanks to Ridge and @ridgels for a great time. #ridgewines 5:59 PM Jan 10th from Taste Live

Again, thanks to Melissa Baker and the Ridge crew for providing the wine and to Craig Drolett and the #ttl gang for organizing.


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