09 March, 2010

Does wine taste better if it's more expensive?

I read an interesting piece a few weeks ago about a study that was done revealing that our perception of quality of a wine and the amount we like the wine is relative to its price.


Actually, I'm not surprised at all. We've all been at a tasting room with the guy visiting from out of town who's just got to have the most expensive big "Cab" that's on the menu, or the young guy who's thinks he's deserving and insistently sez: "I SAID, I want a bottle of your best Burgundy!"

Well, beyond the "I really don't care for your demanding attitude" nonsense, the study proves that a quality product can be had for a very reasonable price. In my experience, all $2 wine is just not the same quality as most reasonably priced bottles around $15, so I'm not claiming that a $2 bottle is as good as a $100 bottle, but rather, that just because a bottle retails for around $20 bucks, it doesn't mean it can't be great!

So, get out, visit your LWS and ask your wine monger/specialist for a recommendation for a bottle around $20 bucks.


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  1. For a moment this bottle of wine actually caught my attention because of its $20 presentation label and then realised that it looks like you have just Photoshoped it on. Maybe you might be onto something, you should develop some wine with $100 bill labels and ofcourse ensure that the wine is also worth $100!


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