25 June, 2010

WBC 2010 - Live Wine Blogging - WHITE

Let's go..

Table #13 is rocking! (reverse chronological order - newest wine first)

12th and final wine is DuckPond 2008 Pinot Gris
100% P. Gris. Needs more time to open. Like it quite a bit. Even, balanced, nice great P. Gris flavors of green apple (yes, really) soft meyer lemon, peach. Great price point
Grade A

11th Wine DeLille Cellars 2008 Chaleur Estate Blanc
62%Sauvignon Blanc 38% Semillion
Quite nice..nose has some smoky ham, but mouthfeel is even, balanced. Really like this, but pricing is ??
Retail: $34
Grade: B- (would be higher with more aggressive price - suggest $24)

10th Wine is Dusted Valley Rose
Retail: $18
Grade: B

9th Wine is 2008 Buty Semillon, Muscadelle, Sauvignon Blanc.
Nice, Semillon based cuvee', but a bit too cool. Rich, a bit sweet.
Retail: $25
Grade: B-
(would be higher grade with lower price..suggest $18)

8th wine is 2008 Hogue Columbia Valley Chardonnay
Interesting. No oak, no ML chard. Even, nice relaxed but nose is tight. Otherwise pretty nice.

Retail: $16
Grade: B+

7th wine is 2009 Maryhill Viognier
A bit too sweet and rich for me. Nicely made, but I prefer a Viogner that's a bit less sweet and less viscous. Great vanilla on the nose. Nice, but not for me.

Retail: 12
Grade: B-

6th is Big House White.
3L ...mass market - not recommended.

5th - Next up is Poet's Walk 2009 Columbia Riesling
1.3% RS, sweet, event, all hand harvested.
Nice off dry Riesling. A bit too much for me, but quality made wine.
Retail: $20
Grade B

4th is Desert Wind 2009 Wahluke Slope, Washington Viognier

100% Viognier - Great fresh nose on a bit cool wine. ..but I like the acid on the front, the front to back balance and the wide finish.

8.5% in new French Oak, balance in stainless.

Retail $15
Grade: B+

3rd wine is Big Green Box from Pepperwood Grove NV Chard

Sweet, just not enough acid on the front to balance. 
Mass market wine

Retail: $20 (3L)
Grade: Not Reccomended

Next up:
2007 Ortman Edna Valley Chardonnay

Ortman is a favorite producer of mine from the Paso Robles area. Always a nice time at their tasting room in Paso.

This Chard (and full disclosure, I'm not a Chard fan) is a nice example with very restrained oak and in balanced quality. The oak is nice that it's not on the front, but strictly in the mid palate.

10 months on French Oak..definitely would like this with halibut or salmon and beurre blanc.

Retail: $24
Grade: B+

1st one is up
Pithy Little Wine Company

2009 Sangiovese Rose
Paso Robles, CA
98% Sangio
2%  Syrah

Unfortunately, a bit too warm, but this rich rose is colorful on the nose with heavy white cherries and a good balance of acid on the front. Even front to back. Let's have this with some grilled chicken on the patio.

Retail: $22
Grade: B

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