16 February, 2011

WBW #70 - Vinos de España -- Wines of Spain


Thanks to Gabriella and Ryan Opaz of Catavino for setting the theme/tone/rule/geo/ava/doc of this finally resurrected Wine Blogging Wednesday #70.

There will be many, many blogs on this #WBW, but I'm guessing I'm going to be the one on the left here. Get Ready. Ok...sitting down?????

Natural Wine.

Ok..there. I said it. Fine.

So, there's more to the story here. There's a guy named Laureano Serres who's as honest, humble and passionate a winemaker as I've even seen and who's making wines exactly to his preferences. His Mendall label's wine is made in an UBER minimalist style. No yeast inoculation, no added sulfur...just good old grape juice, some knowledge, the earth, bees, wind and water and some time.

For the geeks out there, here's the analysis of his 2009 Macabeo. not much there...(and you should check out the wiki link..Macabeo's got nearly as many synonyms as weed.

So, this wine is not for everyone, but if you're into natural, and I mean the kinda natural that's not the Whole Paycheck gentrified natural, but the "make some stuff in your garden"natural, then you might be up for the challenge...and it's not a challenge of the palate, but a challenge of the mind to get your head around the UBER minimalism here. It's sleek, racy, layered, rich, warm all at the same time. But wait...that's not all...

Natural wine is special. It's for now, it's fickle, temperamental, usually very young and very special at the same time.

If you're familiar with the K&L folks, you can likely find/buy it from them.

Give natural wine a try and if you do you'll give a shot to the winemaker's honesty, love, passion for his work, craft and product.