07 April, 2011

Toast of the Town - San Francisco

Just got back from Toast of the Town and I wanted to drop a note with some highlights.

First, thanks to the folks at Wine Enthusiast for inviting us. We had a nice evening. Toast of the Town is a wine tasting combined with many great local restaurants serving up small bites that are their vision of great food in a small plate or bite. This year, it was held under the dome at SF City Hall.

While there were many wineries pouring, I wanted to focus on the food for a change! No pairing, no wine, just FOOD!

My favorite taste of the evening was a wonderful Duck Confit & Housemade Tasso Gumbo from the folks at CreoLA. Chef Edwin Caba did a super job. It was a wonderful small bite..salty, savory, great seafood and pork taste layers and supporting the whole thing was a great roux. AWESOME!

2nd favorite was the short rib roulade from the gents at the Wente Restaurant. The rib was slow cooked, had great sweet and tangy flavor and was rolled in an interesting wrap similar, but thinner than a tortilla. Good job Chef Eric Berg!

Next was a great mezze plate from Cafe Gibraltar on the Coastside. A nice croquette that was crisp (very tough to do at an event without a fryer handy), some lentils...simple, good. Great flavors as always from Chef Jose Luis Ugalde.

Honorable mention for the lovely people at House of Chicken and Waffles who presented an excellent mini corn muffin with collard greens, mac and cheese and a couple pieces of fried chicken. While the chicken didn't translate too well being luke warm and a touch soggy, everything else was awesome. I'm headed there as soon as possible to check out the real-deal..at least as real as it can get this side of the ATL.


  1. Ha! I can't even get into the popular chicken n' waffles place in Atlanta... there's always a line wrapped 'round the building.

    But if you come here, by golly we will muscle our way into that place.

  2. In there like swimwear, buddy!

    Oh, perhaps I'll bring the gelato machine to WBC and I'll make my famous maple, waffle and candied bacon gelato???


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