23 July, 2011

$1,000,000 of Molly Dooker Velvet Glove (the main ingredient in Sangria) goes ker-PLONK

So, not sure if you saw this story on MSNBC or not, but apparently, many cases of the MollyDooker Velvet Plonk were dropped many, many feet and met with an untimely death on the loading docks in the port of Adelaide while being loaded on a ship headed for the USA.

Darn. Really! That's a lot of great Sangria that's not going to get made. (I really need to get my "How to Make Molly Dooker Sangria" video up on YouTube.)

..and PROBABLY the best thing that happened to the world of wine is quite some time. I'm all for style variations in wine, but the Velvet Plonk is something unto its own. In all seriousness, if you've not had the chance to taste the "glove" check out this search and read some of the reviews. Some people love it. Some hate it.

In the world of wine, it represents the most egregious effort in wine making I've ever seen. IT'S GOT NO SOUL and if that's what the winemaker REALLY wanted to make, they're not making it for any wine lover. They're making it for points and for profit. I'm all for making profit making wine, but I'm not one to buy even "great tasting" mouse piss even if Parker gave it a 99. Trust yourself, not the points.

So, for those of you who haven't had the "pleasure" of tasting the "delicious" Shiraz, you can see a few bits about it from our Speed Dating episode at WBC10 in W2 last year.

Now, last year at WBC10 I got to swill the plonk or plonk the swill and then during WBC11, some Aussie does us all a favor and craters it into the dock from 20 feet. Good on ya, mate! At 16.8% ABV, I suspect some Bogan will have wiped it up, wrung out the paper towels and thrown it in the tank of his ute.

Or, the Ferrari factory ordered up the leftover to use as engine oil in the new 599 GTB.

Good on ya....ya Bogan!


  1. This just in: Blogger who writes a blog about "$20 wine" hates $180 Aussie shiraz. The world, as they say, is shocked, Jason ;)

    Still... where are you getting Sangria made with Velvet Glove? That'd have to cost a hell of a lot per pitcher!

  2. Steve,

    HA! To tell you the truth, I'm really not hatin' on the price tag as much as I'm hatin on the wine and what MollyDooker is doing. It's engineering not craft. It's not from the soul and at nearly 17% abv, it's killing your palate, too. More is NOT better.

    As to the Sangria, I made it with the Velvet Plonk and shot it. I need to edit it and continue spreading the wrath of the Anti-Plonk!


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