23 July, 2011

WBC 2011 - Speed Dating! - Red

..and away we go.

1) 2004 Tabarrini Sagarintino

Good structure from Umbria. Like it. Really good balance, but just a bit tight. Wish it could be opened up a bit.

Retail: $55
Grade: B
(a bit pricey, but nice bottle for a veal chop!)

2) 2007 Trianon Cab Franc
Cab Franc, Merlot & PV blended in. Fruit on nose and front. Good blue fruit characteristics. Really not a good example of what >I< like in a Cab Franc. Would prefer more structure, more laid down tannins. Alc 13.7% Perhaps lay it down for a few years and see what happens.

Retail: $32
Grade: C+

3) 2008 King Estate Pinot Noir
70% new oak, nice example of 2008. I think they did a really nice job with this. Good red fruit on front. Great front to back balance. Need Pork Chop!

Retail: $55
Grade: B- (nice bottle, but overpriced compared to peers, I believe)

4) 2007 Cornerstone Cellars Howell Mtn. Cabernet Sauvignon
It's a very good of Napa Howell fruit. Lots of black fruit and good tannin. Good wood, but not overpowering. Would like this in a few years for certain. Need a nice Steak au Poivre.
300-500 Cases

Retail: $75
Grade: B (tough, but earns a B regardless of the price)

5) CalNaturale 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon - Paso Robles (TetraPak)

Box wine - organic fruit. Very typical example of lower end Cab. Low carbon footprint package.
In Whole Foods markets. If you like lawnmower red, then this might be for you. Low tannin, rich fruit, easy drinking.

Retail: $13 (1L)
Grade: C

6) Clif Family Climber Pouch NV Cabernet Sauvignon

Bag wine.  1.5L (2 bottles) Fresh for a month (supposedly) Similar to previous. Simple juice. Drink now and drink often. Can do much better for a few dollars more.

Retail: $17
Grade: C-

7) 2008 Centine Toscana

Good example. 13.5% Alcohol. Acid, tannins balanced. Plush but not round red fruit on front. Good balance for what it is. Good stuff. Could drink this with marinara, lasagna, milanese.

Retail: $12
Grade: B+

8) 2008 WillaKenzie Pierre Leon Pinot Noir.
Really OREGON with %13.2 abv. All oak 50% new, balance neutral. All French. Great nose. Interesting ginger notes that are pleasing. Would be great with Salmon -- tons of red fruit (typical 2008 vintage)

Retail: $41
Grade: B-

9) 2009 Mountfair "Enagement" Blend (VA wine)
Merlot, C. Franc, C. Sauv, P.V. -- Not really my thing. Needs more balance. Big tannin and fruit. Extracted. Would kill any food with some expections (BIG steak)

Retail: $24
Grade: C-

10) 2009 CasaNoVa Red Wine
Merlot, Cab, Cab Franc. Hot, spicy, lots of tannin, 100% new Virginia Oak likely the source of the tannin. Hmmm. Na.

Retail: $ 50
Grade: No.

11) 2006 Barboursville Octagon Bordeaux Blend
4 Noble varietals (no Malbec :-(((  )

First VA red wine that I really like. Good front to back balance. Good structure, good fruit that's blue, red. Character, mineral.

Retail: $40
Grade: B- (I hate to go low here, but I think it's overpriced. Can do much better for $45 or can do this quality for $30 -- we need to price to sell, folks.)

12) 2007 Chateau Mukhrani Saparavi (Republic of Georgia -- not the state, you goonz!)

Saperavi is a really interesting grape. Lots of oak on this. Fun. Interesting to try something new and wild. Really untamed and natural. What the hell???

Retail: $19
Grade: C

OK...we're done here. Woop.  Another year, another speed dating...once again with @mamanadesfilles - Gretchen Neuman

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