22 July, 2011

WBC 2011 - Speed Dating! - White & Pink

OK...my favorite part #wbc11 is here...LIVE WINE BLOGGING -otherwise known as SPEED DATING.

I think we get 12 wineries pouring..so let's see what we get here...

1) First up - Rodney Strong Vineyards - Healdsburg, CA
Founded 1959 -
2008 Reserve Chard - RRV
Nice Chard for RRV, but not my style of Chard. Good acid and not very buttery or oaky.

Retail - $35
Grade- B-

2) Next, Decibel 2009 Hawke's Bay Sauv Blanc.
1000 Cases Made - 1st Vintage
100% Stainless w/ lees stiring. Very ripe fruit, but great acid. Not really like a NZ Sauvie..much less green. Great with Oysters & Salmon or Halibut

Retail $16
Grade: A-

3) 2008 Afton Mountain Blanc de Noirs (MC) Bubbles
VA (Virginia, not VA) winery

Pinot & Chard. Decent. Good acid. Balance not super. Rich.

Retail: $30
Grade: C+
Not bad, but can do much better bubbles for $30.

4) Next up, Viviana White Blend from TX
100% Stainless on lees.

Muscato Canell

Prob the best TX wine I've had. Restrained on most of the palate. A bit sweet and rich on the front, but good.

Retail: $23
Grade: B+

5) 2009 Morrisette Rose

100% Chambersin Dry Rose

OK...better than alot of saignee rose that I've had...has some "interesting" notes on the tail.

Price: $14
Grade: C

6) 2010 Boxwood Rose
Cab & Merlot Saignee

Pretty decently balanced front to back, lots of good fruit. Not really my style of rose' - (Bordeaux), but OK. I'd buy some if it were around.

Price: $14
Grade: B-

7) 2009 Barboursville Viognier

Lower alcohol (13% ish), fruit, but not powerful. Lots of citrus and not much oil/petrol on the nose or front. Nice.

Retail: $22
Grade: B-

8) Tabarrini Adarmando Trebbiano

100% Trebbiano on 100% Stainless.
Interesting Italian take here. Lots of spice and smoke on front. Interesting nose...petrol, oak. Interesting. Imported by their USA (FL) company.

Retail: $ 17 (on their website.
Grade: C+

9) Michael Shaps Viognier 2008

Interesting nose -- good front to back. A good example of VA Viognier.

Retail: $32
Grade: C+

10)  2010 Jefferson Vineyards Pinot Gris

Wow..best VA wine so far. Lots of acid. Pretty good P. Gris example. A bit of Viognier and Riesling blended in. Good to pair with seafood.

Retail: $19
Grade: B

11) Sivas Sonoma 2010 Sauv Blanc

Decent Sonoma Sauvie with lots of green apple  & green bell pepper. HOT times call for Sauvie Blanc like this. The cure for a ..well, perhaps not a cure, but the right medicine for a BBQ on a hot steamy day

Retail $14
Grade: B-

12 & Final ) Maycas de Limari 2008
100% Chardonay
800 Cases

A bit of oak, but not oaky. Decent Char. decent price pint. A bit more acid than I think Chard needs. Good green fruit, but perhaps a bit too much.

Retail: $20

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