17 August, 2012

Speed Dating - WBC 2012 -- Whites & Pinks

Let the games begin...have some fun, drink some stuff. Very little adjectives. Right?

Here we go.

1) Francis Ford Coppola 2010 Chard. - Standard Cal. Chard. A bit of sweet, OK

Retail: $12
Grade: C

2) Alexana Pinot Gris - 2010 Pinot Gris. Nice P. Gris. Lots of acid. Some citrus, some tropical. Needs food to balance the acid -- Grilled chicken with Figs, Salmon on Lentils.

Retail: $26
Grade: C+

3) 2009  Johan Reserve Willamette Chardonnay - Nice European style...really opposite the buttery, oaked style. Nice lean start. Front to back balance nice. Long, wide mouthfeel.

Retail: $32
Grade: B

4) 2011 Benton Lane P. Gris - Nice nose with some super fuji apple. More apple on the palate, but no green apple makes for more food options. Nice.

Retail: $17
Grade: A

5) 2011 Maryhill Winery - Rose of Sangiovese - Strawberries, peaches...some RS. Wish it was completely dry. Nice flavors, but not sure I would pair with food.

Retail: $10
Grade: C+

6) 2011 Dr. Loosen Riesling - Dry, but plenty of fruit up front. Perhaps a bit too much. Nice acidity...decent selection if you like a bit of Riesling, but that up front sweet fruit.

Retail: $15
Grade: C+

7) 2011 Recuerdo Torrontes - Decent representation of Torrontes. Grown @2600'. I'd like a bit less acid here.

Retail $15
Grade: C-

8) 2011 Esporao Duas Castas - 50% Semillion and Viosinho. Lovely example of what Alentejo wines are about. A bit more than other places in Europe. Warmer climate, but not picked late.

Retail: $13
Grade: B+

9) 2011 Pepe Sauvignon Blanc. - Typical green, grassy Sauvie. Lake County and Clarksburg.

Retail: $9
Grade: C

10) 2009 Decibel Sauv Blanc. Prob the single best NZ Sauv Blanc I've ever had. Hawkes Bay brings more tropical, more legs, more layers and depth. Bring the lobster, halibut or chicken. Awesome!

Retail: $15
Grade: A

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