18 July, 2013

The Heat >Goes< On...

...and we combat it with....

More, More, Mosel!

The 2011 Clean Slate Riesling is 100% Riesling from The Mosel Valley. I'm not a Riesling fan as I typically find it too floral, fruity and sweet, at least, here in the US, and it's often related to price, that is, the more inexpensive, the more residual sugar and fruit forward. This relationship is pretty typical of most wine in the US.

Now, this Riesling certainly does have a bit of that, and slightly more than I prefer, however it does a better job than most, especially at this price point. 

Highlighting a pleasant nose of stone fruit and beautiful jasmine, it's a great idea for a summer picnic or backyard barbecue with spicy shrimp, rich fish or a great Asian noodle salad.

2011 Clean Slate Riesling
Retail: $11
Grade: B-
ABV: 10.5%

Note: This wine was provided at no cost as a sample.