09 August, 2013

Add to Your Wine Movie List -- "You Will Be My Son"

As a photographer of both still and motion pictures, I'm always very interested in films. As could be expected with growing up "in the business," I'm pretty picky when it comes to films.

Add this one to your list of wine films to see.

You Will Be My Sonwhile not actually a wine film, much as Sideways was not a wine film, focuses on the problematic relationship between fathers and sons. As both a son and a father, THIS is
something that I have direct knowledge and experience with

Paul Marseul, (Niels Arestrup), the vineyard owner is a demanding and passionate winemaker but is a domineering father. He is not happy that his son Martin (Loran Deutsch), who works with him on the family estate, may one day succeed him. He dreams of a son who is more talented, more charismatic, and more in line with his own aspirations. 

Furthering their rift, Paul’s trusted manager Francois (Patrick Chesnais) is dying of cancer. When Francois’ son Philip(Nicolas Bridet), also in the wine business, returns from California to look after his father, Paul sees Philip as his ideal son and turns away from his own flesh and blood.

I'm quite excited to see the film and will have a full review. As you'll see in the trailer, the photography is very European in style, the locations are stunning and the storyline seems quite interesting. Many technical details can't yet be known, but from what I saw, I'm most definitely looking forward to pouring a glass of St. Emillon and relaxing on the couch....but something tells me I'll be more engaged than relaxed.

Let me know what you think of the trailer!

More to come soon.