10 October, 2013

The Man from Manchuela

Deep in the Castilla - La Mancha region lies the D.O. of Manchuela. It's not the most well known D.O. in Spain, let alone for Tempranillo, but from Virgen de las Nieves Bodegas comes a 100% Tempranillo that keeps up just fine with crianzas from Rioja.  (although, I'm not certain of the aging of this bottling)

This Temp is well oaked and with a good bit of tanin, will suit your palate just fine with grilled meats as to be expected.

It's dark blue and blackberry fruit profile is well pronounced, but not over done when decanted for 15 minutes.

I suggest pairing this with grilled fowl, perhaps a guinea hen, some Cabrales cheese, jamon and figs or a pintxo of garbonzo beans and chorizo.

2011 Artezones de Cenziate Tempranillo
Retail: under $25
Grade: B

(note: this bottle was provided at no cost as a sample)

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